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Reaction Technology Inc. occupies a 10,800 square foot building located in Santa Clara, California. Within the building are two separate clean rooms.

One moderately clean room (class 1000) that supports silicon coating and older technology epitaxy namely 3 inch and 4 inch wafers. The equipment in this clean room includes two double chamber Gemini 2 epi reactors and one double chamber Gemini 3 epi reactor. Within this clean . room there is supporting metrology to monitor resistivity and thickness. The other newer class 10 clean room supports two dual chamber LPE 2061 epi reactors that are primarily used to process 125mm and 150mm epi wafers but geared to provide up to 200mm.

There is also metrology necessary to monitor the thickness, resistivity and quality of the product produced. Also in supporting of both clean rooms is a mega sonic wafer cleaning station and Spreading Resistance Probe (SRP) to monitor concentration profile.

A 4500-gallon liquid hydrogen tank on site supports the general facility, two separate cooling towers, one for each clean room and an unlimited nitrogen supply from Air Products nitrogen pipeline. All hazardous material is monitored by a life safety support system backed up by an emergency generator in the event of an alarm system failure. All process exhaust is scrubbed prior to release the to atmosphere and all process water is neutralized prior to release to the sanitary drain.

Reaction Technology, Inc. is in complete compliance with all regulatory agencies, included but not limited to the Fire Department, BAAQMD, EP A and Water Pollution Control.

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